Check this list to know if your passport is affected with travel Ban.

Check This List To Know If Your Passport Is Affected With Travel Restriction By Nigerian Government.
There’s the popular saying that rules are meant to be broken and this is what we have seen during the corona virus pandemic. It started out as simply not obeying instructions of wearing a face mask to the complete flouting of guidelines. The general rule to be permitted entrance into most establishments around the world most especially pharmacies and restaurants etc is to wear a face mask, however there have been instances of people refusing to adhere to a very simple request, and advertising their wanton dismissal of rules by being crowded in establishments without face masks.

Looking at it from a psychological perspective and where ones head is at as proven in a 1966 published classic theory by the American psychologist Jack W. Brehm, highlighting the nature of human behavioural pattern in conjunction with innate freedoms in the midst of committing this public hazardous offense; this here points to a more rooted reasoning behind the crux of the matter as a psychological behavioural issue. In psychology 101 this particular behaviour stems from a threat felt by a person against their generally ingrained feeling of freedom to which they have become so accustomed to that, the very idea of ripping or changing it in anyway shape or form constitutes rebellion which is exactly what is posited here.

Going out with friends, colleagues or on business meetings is such a mundane act of freedom the human mind does not grant any attention too except when the very act is threatened itself, which spurs a revolt in ones mind to any action countermanding this simple pleasure. This is exemplified by the rising number of people who seem to ignore COVID-19 protocols of safety. When, what is observed as basic human freedom is in jeopardy the human mind jumps to rectify the situation; and that is exactly what is exhibited by those who casually break the rules and regulations instituted even if it is for a person’s safety, the brain views the affront to the simplicity of freedom as a matter that takes ultimate precedence. It comes down to a reverse psychology mentality towards the lockdowns and rules enforced as one in which when an edict is given the obvious human approach would be to do the opposite.

The Nigerian Government has penalized 100 travellers for defaulting covid-19 traveling protocols. The penalty is passport suspension from January 1 to 30 June 2021.

See the passport number of the defaulters below;

If your passport is among the list, that shows you can’t travel out of the country until after the next 6 months.

This would serve as an eye opener for those that are always going against the covid-19 safety measures.

Stay safe, covid-19 is real. motivatescovid-19rulebreaker.

List of passport affected with travel ban

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