Tragedy as 11 year old girl found her parent dead In their home.

Girl, 11, finds parents dead in Missouri home. Both had Covid-19.
An 11 year old girl finds her parents both dead in their home in Missouri USA. According to reports, her parent had covid-19.
According to some relatives, the man and the woman were quarantining in their home in the st. Louis area .
St. Louis County police. responded to the residence after the couple were confirmed dead.
Family members told officers the man and woman were be living in isolation in their home after testing positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. Their names have not been released, but both were in their 40s, according to authorities.
The police said they have no reason to believe their death was caused by anything other than covid-19.
The 11 years old girl is said to be the only child. It is a really tragic moment for the little girl. Losing both parent at same time is really devastating.
May God grant the little girl the fortitude to bear the loss.

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