Governor Yahaya Bello Presidential Campaign Poster Spotted In Southern Nigeria

There’s been speculation about the Governor yahaya Bello intention on becoming the next president of Nigeria.
In a recent development, presidential campaign posters of the Governor were seen at strategic location in the southern part of the country. In the posters, he was pictured wearing the igbo traditional attaire.
According to a research carried out by a group in Edo state, CECF (concerned Edo citizens forum), Governor yahaya Bello was found to be the Youngest Governor in the country. The group condemned the presidential ambition of the Governor say he has not done enough.
The group also advised the governor to focus more on the improvement of Kogi state rather than going on an impossible mission.
The campaign poster reads “to have a youth as president in 2023, let the youth act now.
Although, Nigerians are glamouring for youths to occupy major Government seats in the country following the higher percentage of elderly people in Government. But the question that runs through my mind goes like this “is yahaya Bello the youth Nigerians are asking for?”
Yahaya Bello is in his second term as the Governor of Kogi state. He won the Governorship election, not just once but twice. That is to say he has won the heart of the people of Kogi state. He has also received many awards for his leadership expertise as the governor of the state. However, his administration also comes with it’s own glitches as many would say due to the poor living conditions of people of the state.
The governor has not opened up on his presidential ambition. The campaigns are being carried out by groups who found him worthy of becoming the next president of Nigeria.

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