Requirements To Get Your Blog Featured On Operanews Feed.

Operanews is one of the popular news channel/social media with over 350 million users world wide. You can get latest news, videos, and can get social on the app. Operanews features content from hub creators to blog owners. News hub creators are paid directly by opera for writing articles on the app. Any one can sign to be a writer on the operanews app and earn some cool cash.
Having your blog featured on the operanews app, is something awesome and spectacular, because it means more traffic and more ads impression. There are some requirements your blog must meet in order to get approval to be featured on the operanews feed
I’ve had queries from lot of bloggers on what is required of them to get their blog featured on the opera news feed.
In this post, I intend to share with you such requirements for a better blogging experience.
Without wasting much time, let’s open the bag filled with information.

  1. Contents on your blog must be unique and free from plagiarism.
    You must ensure that your blog post are not copied from other sites. Always ensure to write your own unique posts.
    Trust me, opera news won’t approve your blog if it found out that your contents are copied from other sites.
    Opera news is a well organized platform, and they have their own plagiarism checker and can detect the slightest plagiarized article.
    I once worked as a writer on operanews, so I’ve had a lot of experience with them. Once you submit a plagiarized article, the system automatically rejects it within seconds.
  2. You must produce more than a (100) hundred articles monthly on your blog.
    This seems difficult right? But opera is trying to ensure consistency.
    The first time I asked for my blog to be featured on opera, it was rejected on this basis, and I had to go back to work on producing more articles.
  3. Your articles should add value.
    Always ensure to produce articles that people would love to read. Your articles should tend to solve a particular problem. Opera doesn’t like low quality contents.
    (Note that your blog traffic is not a requirement to get your blog featured on the operanews feed.)
  4. Do not write fake news.
    Fake news implies reporting information that didn’t take place, or adding facts that are not genuine to a report.
    Operanews frowns greatly at fake news. Always verify information before writing. Source your articles from the right channel.
    As a publisher on opera, once you’re guilty of fake news, your account will get banned and your earnings will be forfeited.
    Once you’ve meet all these requirements, you’re a step closer from getting your blog featured on the operanews feed.
    It is highly beneficial having your blog appearing on operanews feed because you stand to get thousands of website visitors daily. Hence, your articles always tend to go viral.
    What are you waiting for? Start working to Meet these requirements.
    Share this article for other bloggers to have an insight.

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