This is The Meaning Of The Oath That Was Taken By The EFCC Chairman.

Abdulrasheed Bawa is the current chairman of EFCC, as appointed by the buhari led administration.

Until his appointment as the chairman of the board, he was a law enforcement agent and detective.
The function of the EFCC is to fight financial crimes in the country. The Board ensures that funds are not misused in the country.
Anybody heading a board like the EFCC must be a person of honesty and integrity.
The EFCC chairman has just taken oath of secrecy. The oath is part of Government practice. The oath implies alligence to the government and the readiness to serve her.
Nigeria over the past decade has been battling with the issue of money laundering and misappropriation of funds by Government officials.
The oath signifies your submissiveness to work for the government.
Do you think Government officials have not been laundering money despite the oath of secrecy?
Yes they’ve been laundering government funds, but if caught, they’ve given the law enforcement agency an upper hand to persecute them. That is why In most developed countries like India, china, Italy etc, Government officials that are convicted of fraud receives more severe/ complicated punishments.
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