Aisha Yesufu Reveals The Business She Does For A Living

Aisha yesufu is an human rights activist and pioneer of the Bring back our girls movement. She became famous for leading protests to rescue over 200 school girls abducted from their secondary school by bokoharam in chibok, borno Nigeria, in 2014.
She’s known for always trying to protect the rights of citizens in the country.
She’s a graduate of Microbiology, and also a business woman.
She recently shared with her followers the business she does for a living.
She referred to herself as a “market woman” and asked her followers to patronize her.
She revealed she’s into the business of selling chicken feed, and can deliver a trailer load of the feed anywhere in the country.

She took photos inside the warehouse filled with chicken feed to share with her followers.
I wouldn’t say whether the business is lucrative or not. But you would agree with me that chicken is being consumed In large quantities on daily basis right?, And that those chickens need feed to grow right?.
Hence, you may decide whether to venture into the business.

Aisha yesufu in her warehouse filled with chicken feed.

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