Shekau Lived By The Sword – Senator Shehu Sani Reacts To The Death Of Bokoharam Leader

Audio version

Abubakar shekau was reportedly killed after a gun duel with ISWAP (Islamic state of West Africa). ISWAP broke out of bokoharam after it pledged alllligence to ISIS (Islamic state in Syria) in 2016. Ever since their separation, the two faction group has argued on who will head the terrorist organization. Shekau being the leader of bokoharam, has refused to submit to ISWAP hence leading to conflict between the groups in sambisa forest.
The group until 2016, had been in unity, carrying out attacks in major states in the North East. Thousands of people has been killed by bokoharam, and millions forced out of their homes. Bokoharam poses a great security threat on the nation which The past and present administration has not been able to resolve.
ISWAP had expected shekau and his guards to pledge alligence to ISIS, and take orders from them.
ISIS as an international terrorist organization is responsible for the attroicities In the middle East. The group broke out in Syria in 2011, fighting the Syrian government and trying to impose their government on the country.
Reacting to the death of Abubakar shakau, senator shehu sani said shekau “lived by the sword”.
And this reminds me of a popular saying which says “he that lived by the sword, shall die by the sword”.
Although, this is not the first time shekau is being alleged to be killed. But this time, the Nigerian army is not involved. It is between the two terrorist group in their own domain, fighting over leadership.

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