6 Disadvantages of using VPN to access Twitter in Nigeria

The Nigerian Government has Banned the use of Twitter in the country few hours after the social media network deleted the president’s tweet.
Twitter had been in Nigeria for so many years, and it has served as a reliable means by which the citizens share and receive information. The platform has also been helpful In drawing global attention to crucial issues affecting the country. One of which was the role it played during the endsars protests.
Twitter has described suspension of it’s platform by the Nigerian government as a violation of freedom of expression of the citizens.
Banning of the platform implies that it’ll no longer be in use in country, and the populace can no longer access it.
However, Twitter can still be accessible to anyone with the use of VPN ( virtual private Network). What VPN does is that it disguises your online identity. That is, it enable you to change your location to anywhere in the world even if you’re not there. Let’s say you can use VPN to change your internet location to Ghana to be able to access Twitter. Whereas you’re actually in Nigeria.
The use of VPN is common with scammers who uses the software to manipulate unsuspecting victims.
I understand how important your Twitter account is to you, and loosing it is the last option for you. Maybe you use it to stay connected to friends and families, or as a business tool. What so ever the case may be, You might have been very obessed with your Twitter account. Hence you may consider accessing it with the use of VPN.
But you should consider the effects/disadvantages of accessing Twitter with the use of VPN.

  1. VPN shares your information with third party.
    VPN has access to some of your crucial internet data such as location, ip- address, browsing history. They tend to sell your information and that of others to fraudulent companies. With this you’ll start receiving emails/messages from these companies trying to convince you to take a particular action.
    Anytime receive a mail/message from an unknown source, a VPN network must have sold your information to that source.
  2. They’ll ruin your online experience with ads.
    As a way of making profit, VPN will always interrupt your online experience by showing you different kinds of advertisement, most of which are unnecessary.
    You’ll always get directed to a different website you didn’t opt for, while trying to load a particular page. You keep getting interrupted while performing your online work.
  3. VPN are dependent on third-party servers.
    It cost a huge amount of money to buy and maintain servers. Hence, most VPN are dependent on third-party servers which you probably know nothing about. These servers tend to violate your privacy because you have no idea of their ideology, aim or mission. It would be a bad idea risking your data.
  4. Speed issues
    VPN causes your Internet speed to underperform. It takes a whole lot of time to download contents. This is mostly due to overcrowded servers.
  5. Insecurity
    Although, some VPN offers maximum security, but it is not true for all of them. Even if your data is encrypted, you still end up being exposed because barely have any idea about the mission of the server. They might hack your information themselves and use it to steal your fortune.
  6. You risk getting into trouble
    I want you to understand this in simple terms.
    A VPN can offer your internet information to another user who might be using it to perform a dubious activity.
    If that users commits fraud using your internet protocols, you risk getting caught by the government.
    They can manipulate and misuse your IP address to commit fraud. When the government tries to apprehend the scammer by tracking with IP address, you’re at risk of getting caught. The tracking device will show your information as that of the server.
    With this, do you think it’ll be a good idea to access Twitter with the use of VPN? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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