Thousands March In Nasarawa as June 12 protests escalate.

The protests was scheduled to take place uniformly in different states of the federation.
Many Nigerians takes to the street in harmless protests against bad governance, corruption, insecurity, and incessant killings and kidnappings across the country.
The protests was organized by civil society organization and activists such as omoyele Sowore, igoho, Aisha Yesufu amongst others. The protests targets strategic cities in the country particularly Abuja and Lagos.
The organizers scheduled the protests to clash with Nigeria’s democracy day. They called on Nigerians to suspend all official activities and team up for the protests.
The protests aims to pressure president muhammadu buhari to deliver good governance, and ensure maximum living conditions of citizens.
The protest campaign escalated after president buhari banned the use of Twitter in the country. The organizers reacted to Twitter ban, calling it a violation of freedom of expression of citizens.
Nasarawa state which is bordered by the FCT is not left out of the protests. Hundreds of people comprising of women and men aged 18 upwards have taken to the street along karu axis calling on the government to take appropriate measures against incessant killings and kidnappings In the country.
Going by the history of the current administration, it is clear that it doesn’t tolerate any form of protest whether peaceful or not.

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