Photo of Nigerian man living abroad found inside bottle

A photo of a Nigerian man, obiora Anaedo based in turkey was found inside a bottle underneath the soil in front of his uncompleted building.
This was revealed by an Enugu resident pastor onwuka Nnamdi on the 8 of june, who pointed finger to a family member for being responsible for the evil act.
The pastor disclosed that he went for a family deliverance breakthrough In Imo state. While praying, he got a revelation about obiora Kingsley who has been residing in turkey close to a decade now.
The mother answered in affirmative with tears In her eyes that truly her son has not returned from turkey for close to ten years now.
Obiora Kingsley had a house in which he was building but suddenly stopped along the way. and till this moment, there’s no way the building could be completed.
The pastor revealed that his step brother was behind his tears.
They were led by the holy spirit while they matched to obiora’s new site. They dug the ground In front of the building and lo and behold, they found a bottle with obiora’s picture inside.

What a cruel world!. Prayers were made and solution was granted immediately. The family was set free from every curse and infirmity.
The pastor recounts how joyful the family were during the deliverance.
He further gave a prophecy to obiora’s elder sister who’s above 30 but not yet married. He assured her that the Lord will provide her with good and Loving husband.

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