President Buhari commission’s multi million dollars maritime security project

President muhammadu buhari has commissioned the deep blue project. The project is a maritime security project established to secure the water areas of Nigeria from internal and external attacks.
This is response to the escalating insecurity In water areas in the country.

A whopping sum of 195 millions dollars was used to make the project a successful one.

the security project has; 600 specially trained personnel, 2 special mission aircraft for surveillance, 3 special mission helicopters for search and rescue, 16 armoured vehicles for coastal patrol, 4 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2 special mission vessels, 17 fast interceptor boats.
Over the decades, Nigeria has not payed adequate attention to securing riverine areas, and as a result, illegal goods and weapons are being shipped into the country to commit crimes.
Nigeria rely on crude oil to generate revenue, hence the need to ensure appropriate security of the water areas.

After such good news was shared, Nigerians were quick to jubilate on Facebook and praise President Buhari.

The maritime security project’s operation is not restricted to the use of boats or war ships because its in conjunction with other security agencies like the Nigerian Police and Armed Forces.

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