Are they in a relationship? Chioma captured on camera with BBnaija star ozo

Davido’s Baby mama has been caught on camera with BBnaija star Ozo.
The photo has generated mixed reaction from the fans. Majority of the fans reacted to the photo, saying “they look good together”
Chioma is darker in complexion compared to Ozo, maybe that’s the reason the fans insisted that they look good together.
One fan said Davido and Nengi would be jealous seeing the photo.

I can’t ascertain if Chioma is In Good terms with Davido. But one thing I Know is that the fans takes things so personal.
It’s just a mere photo. Chioma has the right to take photos with any celebrity of her choice, and it doesn’t change the fact that she’s in love with Davido.
One particular fan while reacting to the photo, recounted how Davido sang “assurance” for chioma and that the relationship might end in disappointment.
Going by the history of Davido, the singer has had two baby mamas ( before meeting chioma) without marrying any of them. But however, the fans still anticipate on the outcome of his relationship with chioma, whether it will end in marriage or as usual.
After chioma’s photo with Ozo surfaced online, some fans were quick to judge declaring the end of relationship between Davido and chioma.

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