Video of African dog that can give hand shake.

Smart Nigerian dog gives hand shake.

When it comes to animals, i cherish dogs so much. They are very intellgent and smart animals. A dog can be a member of a man’s family because of their sense of belonging.

Just recently, US president joe Biden mourned the death of their family dog who has lived with them for 13 years. This alone can reflect how important a Dog can be.

In most African societies, Dogs are used as securities in the home to wade off intruders and criminals. Dogs has served as human servants for centuries.

Dogs can be trained to work as detectives owning to their strong sense of smell. The animal can detect explosives, hard drugs etc.

The importance of dogs cannot be underated in the human society. When i reminsced down memory lane, i could remember how our dog saved us from an intruding snake. Although the dog was in chains when it sighted the snake, and it starts to bark uncontroablly in broad day light. This was very unusual of our dog. I thought for some moments as i tried to figure out the reason behind the irrepressible bark. I look towards the direction in which it faced while barking and I saw some unsual movement, as I moved closer, lo and behold, I saw a cobra curved under a log of wood.

I was able to avert any devastation that could arise as a result of the cobra invasion courtsey to our dog’s alarm.


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