A Review of Obi cubana mother’s burial

Obi cubana is a Nigerian philanthropist and Entrepreneur with a net worth of 190 billion naira, making him one of the most successful Entrepreneurs in Africa. He is the ceo of cubana group, he’s into the business of hospitality and Entertainment, as he owns night clubs and hotels around the country. He has helped many youths to achieve success one of which is cubana chief priest whom is always indebted to him.

Nigerian Billionaire and business man, obi cubana has become talk of the town following lavish spending at his mother burial. The burial which hosts dignitaries and personalites from around the world, has made headlines on different platforms. Many Nigerian celebrities including kanayo o. Kanayo, cubana cheifpriest, Eminike, Davido, Phyno, etc were in attendance. Photos/videos from the burial ceremony indicates a very huge amount was budgeted for it. According to reports, obi cubana received about 800 million naira from friends and associates in support of his mother’s burial. Few days to the burial, celebrity bar man Cubana chiefpriest, gifted his boss obi cubana a total of 46 cows to celebrate the burial.

What made the burial talk of the town is due to its lavishness. Obi cubana buried his mother with a pendant worth 50 million naira. Expensive wines worth millions of naira flooded the burial. Naira notes of higher denomination was spread lavishly as if it Is useless. In one of the videos which surfaced online, two men were seen “stoning” themselves with cash. In another video, white men were seen throwing cash at other attendees. Also, in another video showed a wine which is worth 3.5 million naira.
The burial made most Nigerians on social media to deviate from their Normal concern of Bad governance, Banditry, and terrorism. All focus was on updates from the burial. The Burial like carnival had thousands of attendees from all over Nigeria and Africa.

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