Read How This AirForce Pilot Officer Escaped Being Killed By Bandits.

Audio Version

Airforce pilot Officer Abayomi Dairo, was joyous after he escaped being killed by bandits. The hoodlums shot at the jet he was flying in Zamfara state. He was thankful to God for saving his life.
The pilot displayed an act of bravery by jumping off the plane using a parachute as he was being shot by the bandits. At the moment the bandits shot at the plane, the pilot had no option than to jump off, though he was fully aware of the fact that jumping off the plane may not save his life, but rather than making no effort, he just had to do it.

Although, he landed successfully with the parachute, but he was in for the worst because he just got into the bandit’s “den”. Despite the firearms pointed at him, the flight lieutenant who landed on the ground saw he was being pursued by bandits and he fled.
He didn’t just run; He ran in the dark, making it difficult for the bandits to easily identify him. He found his way to a safe area to take refuge. Luckily, he had his phone with him, so he used it as a navigation device. He later found an army unit where he was kept safe until the Rescue crew evacuated him.

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