Hushpuppi to spend up to 20years in prison as he agrees to plead guilty

Hushpuppi reaches agreement ahead of hearing in a Los Angeles court.
Ramon Abbas aka Ray Huspuppi, has agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to engage in money laundering and online fraud, according to latest reports in the U.S media.
Evan Ratliff who writes for Bloomberg, tweets that Hushpuppi “wil face up to 20 years in prison at sentencing.
In the pre-trial, he asserted not culpable to all four counts, and dangers 20 years imprisonment if found guilty. The 37-year-old, who portrayed himself in his Instagram bio as a ‘real estate developer’, got famous by displaying his riches to his over 2.5 million followers.
When he was apprehended by the ( Federal bureau of investigation) FBI — who collaborated with Snapchat, Instagram and Apple — Hushpuppi and his associates were found to be in ownership of:
$40m cash;
13 luxury cars worth $6.8m;
21 computers;
47 smartphones;
and a list of two million names of preys.

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