Hushpuppi Explains how he bribed famous police deputy commissioner Abba kyari

Nigerian Fraudster, Hushpuppi reveals How He Paid Bribes To Police Chief, Abba Kyari In $1.1million Deal.
Abbas had requested Kyari to arrest and imprison an associate fraudster Kelly Chibuzor Vincent, after both were heated in a dispute.
Nigeria’s billionaire fraudster Ramon olorunwa Abbas, Hushpuppi who just pleaded guilty in the US, has explained how he paid off Nigeria’s much celebrated deputy commissioner of police, Abba kyari
According to reports from court publications, Abbas revealed during questioning that he paid bribes to Nigeria’s police chief, Kyari, to get one of his associate arrested and imprisoned as a result of a disagreement over a $1.1million fortune dupe of a business person based in 🇶🇦 Qatar.
Abbas and a fellow fraudster kelly chibuzor were locked up in a heated argument over the sharing ratio of $1.1million loot gotten from a business person in Qatar. As a result, Abbas asked kyari to aresst kelly.
Abbas revealed that kyari sent pictures of kelly in jail and afterwards, sent his bank details to abbas to which a transfer should be made having performed a great Job as requested by Abbas.
Abbas further explained how he spent the $1.1million loot; he spent $230,000 on a Richard mille RM11-03 watch, and also bribed officials at St Kitts and Nevis for his citizenship of that island country. He subsequently posted photos of the wrist watch in his social media posts.

How further explained how he illegally acquired a St. Christopher citizenship as well as a passport obtained by creating a false marriage certificate, by bribing a government official in st.kitts, using a $50,000 in cheques, officials said.
Abbas pleaded guilty to multi-million fraud earlier this month and faces up to 20 years in jail.
He will be convicted in the coming weeks and will forfeit some of his possession and his liberties to appeal while also paying compensation to victims of his years-long fraud.

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