Photos: “shine ya eye’ housemates completes first task.

Big Brother naija house mates “shine ya eye has just completed their first task.
The task notice was made available to the housemates through the head of the house peace few days back. The housemates were informed earlier and given enough time to prepare for the task. Prior to the presentation, some of the house mates learnt how to beat the African drum.
The housemates showcased a wonderful experience during their first task which was called the ” Abeg task”.
What the housemates presented;

  1. They showcased a musical theatrical drama in honour of Nigerian culture.
  2. The presentation cuts across different ethnic group reviewing Nigeria’s cultural diversity.
  3. The presentation intends to unite Nigeria by bringing together the different ethnic groups.
    All the house mates participated in the presentaion, and they were provided with costumes and cultural attires to facilitate the exhibition.
    The house mates puts in a lot of energy to make the presentation a successful one.
    See photos from the presentation below;
During makeup

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