Meet 21 years old man who repeated Primary 1 for 15 times

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This must be one of the weirdest report you’ve ever come across. How this young man isn’t able to graduate from primary one is something intriguing and captivating.
Life hasn’t been fair to Joseph, he has remained at the same spot for fifteen years battling for Promotion. The 21 years old, ever since he was a toddler has remained in primary one. He look younger, but he’s actually 21. Some of his mates whom they started together have graduated to become medical practitioners and pilots while he has remained in primary one.

His class teacher was once his classmate in 2006, she has graduated high school, gone to university and came back to take a teaching profession. Most of Joseph’s mates have excelled in life.

People make fun of Joseph, telling him that he has reached retirement, and that he should be expecting pension. According to him, he said he hates it when people call him “old man”.

Joseph has a mental condition which makes him to forget things easily, and that’s why he always come last in class. Nobody drags the last position with him.
Speaking on his condition, Joseph said he always hallucinates whenever the teacher is teaching that’s why he’s not able to pay proper attention, and even if he manage to pay attention, he’ll still forget.

He said he’s very optimistic about his future and he believes he would make it. He said he wants to become a president.
Bullies always call him Big head with empty brain.
His mother while speaking on her son’s condition said his educational life is something unique but sad. He started schooling at the age of 6, and for fifteen years, he’s not able to perform simple arithmetic.

Whenever his mother sends him to buy rice, he would buy sugar or Maggie. Sellers in the neighborhood are already used to him, so whenever he comes they always send him back to call the attention of his mother.
Have you witnessed a situation like this before? Share your thoughts In the comment section.

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