5 Reasons foreigners might consider visiting Nigeria

Nigeria being the most populous black nation on the planet is home to over 200 million people of diverse cultural heritage. Although, the nation is made up of three major ethnic groups which are the igbos, hausas, and yorubas. There are other minor groups which makes up the total population.

Nigeria is home to over 1.2 million foreigners as of 2015. (https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/NGA/nigeria/immigration-statistics). With majority of the immigrants coming from African countries, the rest comes from Asia and other continents.
The reason behind the high number of immigrants In Nigeria can be attributed a lot of factors which we are going to elaborate in this post.
In this article, we tend to uncover reasons why foreigners might consider living/visiting Nigeria.
Remember, there are more than a million foreigners in the country currently, and it’s because these foreigners have found Nigeria to be a land flowing with milk and honey. Nigeria is a country blessed with both human and natural resources.

Although, They’re are cases of killings and kidnappings in the country, but that doesn’t change the fact that Nigeria is a good travel destination. Those who knows how important Nigeria can be, have benefited a lot, and are still benefiting from the country.

Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja

  1. Businesses thrive in Nigeria: Nigeria have succeeded in bridging the Gap between demand and supply, and this has led to a stable economy. There are a lot of foreign investors in the country who are not ready to leave due to the success of their businesses. It’s is unfortunate that some Nigerians are blind in knowing that the country is a solid Rock to establish a business. Some Nigerian are migrating to Europe and other countries searching for greener pastures, while there are a lot of European and Asian investors coming to take Advantage of the country’s economy to make billions of Naira. Nigeria has one of the best economies in Africa, and this can be attributed to it’s high population.
    Twitter lost millions of dollars and still counting following President buhari ban on the social media platform. This is to point out to you how foreign investors are really making out big from the country’s stable economy.
  2. Nigerians are peace loving people: Nigeria has one of the most diversified cultures in the world, despite this, average Nigerians lives in peace amongst themselves. The Nigerian government has taken strategic measures to ensure that people from different ethnic backgrounds are in peace with one another. One of such measure is the establishment of government agency like the (NYSC) National youth service corps. The scheme which is compulsory for all Nigerian graduates, allows them to live and work in regions other than theirs for a minimum of 12 months, thereby promoting unity and co operation between people of different cultural heritage.
    There are other things that also brings Nigerian together like football. During a Nigerian soccer match with another country, Nigerian players receives a lot of love and support from Nigerians. It’s one of the times Nigerians would come together in oneness to support the country.
  3. Nigerians are hardworking people: Nigeria has one of the most industrious citizens in Africa. Nigerians always gets themselves busy with one form of job or the other. The Nigerian government is not able to provide employment for majority of it’s citizens, yet it has one of the best economies in Africa due to her industrious citizens. I’ve lived in major cities in Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, ibadan, kano, etc, and I can tell you how hardworking Nigerians can be, they’re either entrepreneurs or employees. I took a walk through these cities, and I noticed everyone was just busy with his/her business. Some selling goods, others rendering one form of services or the other.
  4. Nigeria has a fascinating culture: Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups making it one of the most diversified cultures in the world. Getting acquainted with Nigerian culture is really worth knowing, hence a foreigner might consider migrating to Nigeria to learn her beautiful cultures. The three largest ethnic groups In the country as we said earlier are igbos hausas and yorubas. Diversity in these cultures are in terms of language, food, clothing, Geo Location, and general behavior.
  5. Nigerians love foreigners: Nigerians are very hospital to foreigners, and tends to treat them specially. Prominent celebrities who have visited the country can attest to the fact that Nigerians are very hospital. American celebrity Jay z while recounting on his visit to Nigeria with his wife Beyonce, in 2006 described the kind gestures of Nigerians towards him. He explained that it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience visiting the country.
    It will be of great benefit visiting Nigeria, which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out. You might consider Nigeria as your next travel Location because they’re a whole lots of things to explore in the beautiful African country.

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