Take 30 million dollars and give me 1 million dollars – Dino malaye reacts to hushpuppi saga.

Following Huspuppi’s agreement to plead guilty for fraud, some officials have been unraveld to be his associates in fraud.
One of which was Nigeria’s most celebrated deputy commissioner of police, Abba kyari. He was alleged by the FBI to be Hushpuppi’s associate in financial crimes. The commissioner however denied all the claims by the FBI. But, he has however been laid off his duties by the NPF (Nigerian police force) as ordered by the FBI.
In a recent update, it was alleged that Hushpuppi laundered 31million dollars to sentor Dino melaye.
The senator has however reacted to these allegetions in a video shared online. He said that out of the 31 million dollars, he only needs 1 million dollars.
From his reaction, it is clear that he has denied the allegations. He referred to the money as audio money (meaning money he has not seen).
He ended by using insultive yoruba words. After which he said “comot for road make I go drink zobo”.
What’s your take on this?

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