Hundreds of Afghan soldiers bows to Taliban

The Taliban group have gained more powers over the Afghanistan military following the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. The United States and Germany onced had their troops in Afghanistan to help the country conquer taliban. But the US troops were completely withdrawn from Afghan in may 2021 following order by the US government.
Afghan has battled Taliban for decades, all effort to conquer the group failed. The activities of Taliban only minimized with the presence of US army in the country.

Following the recent escalating activities of Taliban, the German government has refused to send troops to the country.
Although, The US government has made efforts to relocate Afghans who helped the US army in times of war.
Ever since the withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban has gained more ground in Afghanistan. In a recent update, Aljazeera reported that hundreds of Afghan soldiers have surrendered to taliban.
According to the report, soldiers, police, and other Afghan forces surrendered to Taliban with all their military gears. The Talibans were merciless on Afghan soldiers as they launched series of offensive and heavy bombardment.
Source: Aljazeera

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