Meet Dino Melaye’s Son Who Is An Architect

It is the joy of every parent to see their children succeed in life. This is the case of former senator Dino melaye whose son has grown to become an architect.
In the latest post shared by the senator, he congratulated his son on becoming an architect. It seems the young boy just graduated from a higher institution.
He referred to his son as an architect in the making.
You may think it’s because of his father’s wealth he’s able to succeed on becoming an architect, but trust me, anybody can succeed irrespective of your background.
Do not let your background to hinder you from becoming what you wish to become. Always have a positive mindset.
Dino melaye is always known for his fearlessness and always attacking the buhari led government.
The former senator always flaunts his wealth on social media. He’s always seen at different locations putting on expensive clothes and designer.
He has proved to be a good father as he always appreciates his children on social media.
The former senator is blessed with 3 kids. ( Two males and one female).

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